I don’t know; get him some old Dungeons & Dragons books.


Did you know that “[s]can technology, normally used in the medical industry, revealed that almost a third of over 800 scanned artifacts—including mummified cats and crocodiles—contain no actual animal remains. Instead the artifacts are stuffed with mud, reeds, sticks, and eggshells.”?
I feel sort of cheated.
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‘Joe Golem and the Drowning City

joe golem

‘Joe Golem and the Drowning City’, by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden.
St. Martin’s Press, Second printing. isbn: 978-0-312-64473-4


This is a story about love and friendship. It also explores sanity, insanity and not so black and white Good and Evil. Elements of steam punk fantasy in a Lovecraftian occultist world abound.

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